Fantasy Art

Fantasy Art
Gilead draws and paints on location in the realms of fantasy and myth. Usually after convincing the most beautiful women in all the worlds to take their clothes off for him. It's a tough gig.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Better Health Day 7

Day 7 Tuesday

Still have to force myself to go in, but once I’m there I’m into it and happy.
30 minutes aerobics and 30 minutes lifting weights.
I sweat a lot.
My weight was 113 before I went in.
Because of my Vision Board project from yesterday I’m thinking about my exercising in terms of goals and a vision for the future. But I think I’ll be safer not having any expectations at all right now. I’ve never been a big strong guy and I don’t expect that to change even if I get into good shape for me that will just mean I’ll turn lean and hard, but I won’t ever be broad shouldered and deep-chested with bulging biceps and a swooning babe on each arm. I just don’t have the genes for that and that’s OK I suppose. Some ladies aren’t really into that, or so I’m told.
I really want to lose the flab though, that’s a goal for sure.
What I want out of all of this is:
1. More strength
2. More endurance
3. Better circulation
4. Lose weight
5. More energy
6. And to look good enough to model for life drawing class or at least for my own work.

Here's one I drew recently, but posed for the photo many years ago.  But even then I had to trim a lot of fat and exaggerate a lot of muscle.  If my working out at least gives me some muscle definition then it will, at least, be easier to do that.

Better Health Day 6

Day 6 Monday, March 9th

I kept making all kinds of excuses not to go, but determined at the very least to do my 20 minutes on the aerobic machine. 
I did 30 minutes and I set the machine to level 3 and the leg width to 9.
I've been doing level 1 with the width set at 6.
After that I did the side twist machine and then went home.
Strange thing was that I felt really pumped up for a couple hours even in the upper body.  Now I even feel some soreness in my …lats?  Not sure why that is, there must be more arm and back movement in that exercise than I thought.  If so I like it even more than before.
My weight is down to 115, so a pound lower than when I started and 2 pounds lower than Friday.  Which probably means I just shouldn’t pay attention to my weight because it’s probably going to bounce up and down for lots of reasons?  But knowing me I’ll weigh everyday regardless.

Gratuitous Fantasy Art

Monday, March 9, 2015

Vision Board

The other day I was sitting at the table reading Professional Artist Magazine.  There was an article about planning and goal setting and that sort of thing.
I have always sucked at planning and goal setting and that sort of thing, but lately even more than usual For the past few years I've been a little off balance, like I'm just stumbling along and trying to keep up, but not really in control.   I'll grant that plenty of things have worked out just fine without my control, but I'd really like to have some input on what happens to my life.
So I'm reading this article and there's a sidebar about making a "Vision Board"  Basically a collage of pictures, words, phrases and other stuff that reflect some goal or vision that you have for your near future.   Google "Vision Board" and you'll see lots of examples.  Some are about vacations or dream cars etc.  The article was suggesting making a board about where you wanted your career to go in a year's time.

I found the idea attractive while simultaneously thinking it sounded like the sort of thing that posers do instead of actually making art.  But I still liked the idea in spite of it all, so I thought I'd ask my wife  what she thought.  She was sitting there reading a yoga magazine.  Just as I opened my mouth she said "This is interesting, they suggest making a "Vision Board"..."  Two unrelated authors in two separate magazines with the same article and we just happened to be reading them at the exact same moment.
I don't really believe in fate, but that's just fate.  Besides I have lots of old magazines I need to get rid of one way or another.

It's important not to second guess yourself, just cut out anything that compels you.

I had a lot of art magazines from which I chose images that have something I want my art to have; color, brushstrokes, energy, boldness, something.
Gluing them down was sort of an exercise in color composition.  It's not about a subject it's about the way it all feels collectively.

 At first I wondered what was up with all the sex words.  This was supposed to be about my career not my desire to get laid more often.  But on reflection I chose all of these words because they're things I hope people will think and say when they describe my work.  So I'd intended to make a board about myself, but I made one about my paintings instead.  That alone tells me things about myself.  I'm OK with that for now. 

 This was fun, I could not have actually predicted what I'd end up with, the images I'd choose or the words I'd put with them.  Now the idea is to hang this on my wall where I will see it everyday and remain focused on my vision.  I expect that that will also turn out to be unpredictable, but at least I have a vision.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Better Health, Day 5

Day 5 Friday

Usual routine, 30 minutes total.
I've actually gained a pound.  I’m telling myself that muscle is more dense than fat and I’m building muscle mass at a greater rate than I’m loosing fat.  It’s complete bollocks, but it sounds pretty good.  I don’t look any different at all, but I do feel like I’m firming up a bit.  Just loosing the sag and jiggle would improve my overall looks quite a lot even if I still have the gut.  Oh well it’s much too early to expect great changes and I really don’t work out that heavily anyhow.  It’s going to take a lot more than this to bring dramatic changes and I have other things I need to be doing now and then, like; my job.

The model for this was holding a broomstick and leaning on it awkwardly.  It made for a terrible drawing session because she really couldn't hold still, but I got some good photos.  Usually I'd think a stick was cool because I could make it a sword or spear, but her posture made no sense to me so I eliminated the stick and translated the awkward pose into a girl walking precariously on slippery rocks.

Better Health, Day 4

Day 4 Thursday

I kind of wanted to skip the gym today because I’m anxious to get to my work, but I went anyways.
Did the regular routine with aerobics and then some leg and abdominal machines.
It’s hard to find exercises that work your abs and lower back, but they have a couple so I will use them as often as possible since it’s where I need the most help.  I have a lower back injury that has left me very weak and inflexible through the midsection, not to mention fat.

As always this picture has absolutely nothing to do with my blog entry.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Better Health Day 3

Day 3 Wednesday

Even fewer people here today.

I kind of didn't want to go today, but was determined to do the aerobics at minimum. I ended up staying for an hour.

Still just 20 minutes of aerobics, but I added a lot more weightlifting.

I’m walking with a sort of lightness and energy. This is surprising because every inch of my body is sore. I’m probably just brain damaged from lack of oxygen.

This is the first time in my life I've ever been able to go to a gym with an ‘It-is-what-it-is’ kind of detachment. I see the beautiful people and admire them without jealousy or intimidation and look at myself without judgment, embarrassment or self condemnation.

Besides, there are aspects of my life that the beautiful people would envy if they knew about them.

I have been aware that the last few years have changed many internal things within my mind, but I hadn't realized that this new outlook was one of them.

Like most of my drawings this was from my life drawing class.  The model asked if she could have one of my drawings and requested that I put roman looking stuff in it.  Usually I only add all the fantasy stuff in on my own time, but this time I did it in class.
My life as a fantasy artist is one if the things that I think the beautiful people would envy.  At any rate I feel very lucky to be able to do what I do.

The road to better health Day 2

Day two Tuesday
There are about 700 skeletal muscles in the human body; I ache in every single one of them.
Not nearly so many people here today, they must have jobs after all.
 I just heard a report that Gilbert is the hardest working city in Arizona. I have no idea what that means but Yay team!
Stretch out on the pre- core and then back on the elliptical. I noticed yesterday that you can plug your I-pod into the machine. I wondered if this would make things more tolerable so today I brought mine. They play music at the gym, but it’s hard to hear over the roar. It takes me a while to figure out the device but once I do I’m ellipticalling away to the beat of my own drum. It must have helped; ten minutes came and went without pain so I went on for another ten. I was sweating and tired, but felt pretty good. This would have only left me with 5 minutes to lift weights so I allowed myself and extra ten minutes. Yesterday I couldn't wait to get out of here and today I’m already finding excuses to stay longer. I concentrated mostly on working my legs today. I’ll try to switch off between upper and lower body not that I think it makes that much difference at my level.

Here's a drawing for no reason at all other than that this is an art blog not a health blog and I feel like a cheat posting stuff without art.