Fantasy Art

Fantasy Art
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It's a Shame I Can't Write

I really liked this model, she was good at pantomiming actions.
5 minute pose.

When I first began doing this I figured "Well I'm just going to throw the old drawings away anyhow, who cares if I mess them up with costumes and stuff?"  Now I see these drawings as my most valuable possessions, if the house was on fire this is what I'd save.  
I've done a pile of accidental world building since this started.  As time goes by I began to see in my mind where these various people came from and what the countryside is like where they live.  It's a shame I can't write, there are a thousand stories to be told here.  
Who knows where all of this is going?  It is surely going somewhere.
Perhaps authors could write stories in this world as a sort of shared universe similar to the "Thieves World" books.
Perhaps someone could make a role playing game in this world?
A toy line?
A costume shop based on my drawings.  (oh how I'd love to see that)
I'm already making coloring books plus the original art, prints and bookmarks, but there's potential for so much more and I know that eventually much more will happen.
I hope you'll keep joining me for the journey.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Warrior Women

Images from the worlds of  Robert E Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs often depict male heroes with weapons and helpless scantily clad females without weapons.  I love scantily clad women, but they should never be helpless and should definitely be carrying their own weapons.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Why do Models Model?

If you're wondering whether she could possibly be proportioned like that the answer is no, I scaled her breasts down quite a bit, they just looked unbelievable if you drew them right.
I have great admiration for her, she had lost something like two hundred pounds and was modeling
as a sort of reward to herself for her accomplishment.

It's fascinating how many reasons a person can have for doing what they do.  Some models just need the money others refuse payment.  Some are conquering a fear while others have no fear so it's an easy job for them.  Some are artists who want to experience both sides of the process, others are failed artists who still want to make an artistic contribution.  Some are exhibitionists, one that I know of went on to make porno movies.  Some did it in secret and their family never knew.  Others have had mothers, sisters or boyfriends who also posed for us after being told about it. Some only model once and scratch it off of the bucket list, others make a career out of it.
Modeling, like painting, serves a different need for every person who takes it up.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

My apologies for the unexplained absence.  I had computer problems for a few days, but they seem to be mostly resolved now.

My goodness this is an old one!  No reference photos back in those days, but one can still either use photos from magazines or websites or anatomy books to guide you in refining a sketch.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

How to Use Photo References in Fantasy Art

Somebody sent me this photo of a horse (I'd be happy to credit the source if you know it) and suggested that I could make a cool fantasy piece from it.  Normally I politely sidestep suggestions like that, I have entirely too many ideas of my own and not enough time to do them all.  But on this occasion I was inspired.  It's a wonderful photo full of energy and power.

So then I took a very classy photo of myself running at the camera in my back yard.  I cropped it of course, the original full frontal photographery is not for the faint-hearted.

Then I fused the two into one seamless image of a raging centaur.  You'll notice that I endowed the centaur with more muscle and less fat than the model posses.  Bright sunlight makes for strong shadows which highlight muscle structure.  I like to shoot my reference photos outdoors whenever possible but that has its risks so be careful if you follow my example.  Also it was important to make sure that the angle of the sun was the same in both photos.  I had to keep moving my tripod until the shadows were in the right spot.
Centaurs rage a lot which makes them very poor models.  This method is probably the safest approach to drawing them.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


In the fantasy worlds of Conan the Barbarian or John Carter of Mars women are constantly being abducted by wicked men and horrible monsters, molested, held prisoner, sacrificed to evil gods, helplessly waiting to be rescued by our intrepid hero.
In my fantasy world sometimes a girl gets to have a quiet moment alone with her thoughts before being absconded by concupiscent centaurs.

oil on recycled wooden panel
12" X 36"

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Function of Clothing

I love clothes I think clothes are wonderful, they bring such a sense of individual character and culture to  a just makes me sad when they go covering up a girl's naked bits.  We need clothes that don't do that.

I may be a little bothersome for a while about Patreon.
 I'm incredibly grateful for the support I've had so far, I crossed a couple milestones already which was completely unexpected.  But I really do need the help to make this thing I'm doing continue to work.  As a sign painter I had a lot of clients who were regular customers and kept me busy nearly all of the time.   Plus the work I did brought in new customers so it was kind of self perpetuating.   What I'm doing now has none of that yet.
 I don't really want clients per se now because they'd want to hire me to do some other kind of art rather than what I'm doing.  I'm working on a specific project that takes all of my time and should take all of my time.  Now and then I produce a finished painting which sells, but it's a slow thing to get rolling especially since what I'm doing is so undefined at the moment.  It's more clearly defined in my mind, but I'm sure it's a little hazy to anyone else.
I'll need a volume of finished work to show before people can see exactly what's going on here.