Fantasy Art

Fantasy Art
Gilead draws and paints on location in the realms of fantasy and myth. Usually after convincing the most beautiful women in all the worlds to take their clothes off for him. It's a tough gig.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Business Cards

I'm having new business cards made.  This always makes me strangely happy.
I chose this art because it shows both my life drawings and my goblins and dragons so it's kind of me all over.

I get my printing done at Ready Comics in Mesa.  Great local company and great people.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

In the News

I just realized that I never posted the link to this cool article in the Arizona Republic about Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites.  Featuring Me!  Well featuring Gilead's Goblinz at any rate.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Gilead's Goblinz Coloring Books

  About this time last year I got the bright idea to take a bunch of my old sketches, redraw them, ink them and package them as coloring books.  I had piles of sketches, conceptual designs, signs, theme party props, and illustrations to pull from some of them going back to when I was ten years old.
   I separated them into piles that looked like they went together and named them Goblinz, Dragonz, Alienz, Faeriez and Wild Animalz.
   In October 2013 I launched a Kickstarter to help me fund the project and after many set backs and delays I finally finished it all in June 2014.
   This entire project has been an object lesson in how to do things wrong.  I had no idea how to make a book or how to get it printed.  I knew I could do the original artwork, but I had no idea how much computer stuff I was going to have to learn in order to get the product assembled into a clean print ready document that the print shop could work with.  But I learned.
   The paper is 60 lb. stock drawing paper rather than the usual newsprint because that's what I'd want to color on if it was me.
   The subject matter is just too weird for most people who often told me I should establish myself with something more conventional first.  But this is the art that I love to do so it's what I did.
   Also I gave absolutely no thought to age or gender when I made these.  It never crossed my mind to target boys or girls or any particular age.  I just think they're cool pictures, I'd have liked them when I was a kid and wanted to share them with the world so that's what I did.
   I didn't know that one's first foray into publishing should be a single book per year not six books in ten months.
   I didn't know that no one makes a profit from the get go, but here I am and they're selling like hot cakes.
   I did everything wrong on these books and they came out great, I just couldn't be happier.
   I hope you will like them as well.

   We're working on an on-line store which I think is going to be on "The Square" since I like them so far.  In the meantime you can order them by e-mailing me at

Here are a few samples.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Every Little Thing

Someone recently asked me why I post every little thing I draw to my Facebook page.  Seriously?  I doubt that 5% of what I draw makes it to my Facebook page.  I grabbed the closest couple sketchbooks (I keep one in my shoulder bag, one in the car and one in the living room plus a stack of them in my study so I'm never caught without one.) and started taking photos of random pages to illustrate the vast range of scribbles that I do all the time, but pretty much never share.  I might well share any of them later if they lead to an idea that gets developed further, but for now they're just free association sketches that have no meaning or purpose.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Maricopa Con

So an interesting thing happened.  A while ago there was a Kickstarter for Maricopa Con 2014 a weekend long gaming convention.  (Gaming as in Dungeons and Dragons not gambling.)
For a $900. pledge you got to be guest of honor at the convention.  I think this pledge level was thrown in as a "what the hell it can't hurt" kind of idea with no expectation of anyone actually going for it.  Well someone did and then they did something even less expected; they donated the position to me.  This meant I got two passes for my wife and I to the convention , a dealer's table to sell our stuff and the adoration of millions of fans...sort of.
   I was floored, I didn't know who to thank because they wouldn't tell me, so I decided to thank everyone just in case.

So I did this painting for the convention book cover.

And then I did "Character Sketches all weekend for $5.00 each.  These were 18" X 24" charcoal sketches and everyone seemed very happy with them.  Here are a few of the 22 illustrations I completed in two days.

So, does this mean I'll do an 18" X 24 charcoal illustration for you for $5.00?
Sure just make a $900. donation to a local convention and I'll get right on that.
This was my way of saying thank you for something very generously given to me.  I hope my gratitude showed.

This is the cover I'd done for last year's event. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

"Tell the Birds I Have Cancer"

For my Mom: March 24, 1940 - May 5, 2012
"Tell the Birds I Have Cancer"
Oil paint on wooden panel 6" X 17"