Thursday, April 10, 2014

Release Party

Ladies and Gentlemen
We have a very important announcement! ...sort of... Well it's important, but pretty nearly all of the details are still up in the air...

Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls Goblinz and Gobletz!
the Gilead's Goblinz Complete Set Book Release PARTY and Masquerade Ball!
When: End of June or early July...or something.
Where at Gangplank in Chandler...if construction on their new expansion is finished in time.
What's going to happen? ...We're really not sure, but it's going to happen so mark your calendars!
Admission is Free, bring your friends.
Updates will be posted as it all solidifies, but I want to put it in your minds now.

Everyone who supported my Kickstarter project will be able to pick up their books and other goodies at the party.
All the rest of them will be mailed out after that.

Since Stellar is working again I can now return to work on the books full time which I'm loving.  I don't have a definite timeline, but work is progressing well right now.

I hope to see you all soon.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ned again

A couple more sketches of Ned the Barbarian.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I always draw.  Even when I can't think of anything to draw I always draw, I don't understand artists who don't.  I understand lack of inspiration, that happens all the time, but when it does I still drag a pencil back and forth around my paper until something interesting emerges from the scribbles.  For this reason I have folders full of designs like these that I have done over the years.  What they are depends on my mood at the time I look at them.  One day I see them as wrought iron work for a fence, another time I see a stained glass window or a carving in a stone wall or jewelry or embroidered trim.  They could be anything and they may indeed show up again in future paintings of mine as all of that stuff.  But I don't actually make stained glass and ironwork, I make paintings, so that's what I'm doing with them for now.

A few years ago someone looked over my shoulder and said "Hey that looks like an octopus."   So I redesigned a few of them to be octopuses which was the impetus of all the octopus paintings I've done.

7.5" X 30"

7.5" X 30"

7.5" X 30"

7.25" X 30.5"

12" X 21"

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Barbarian Queen Part One

This week's Frank Frazetta Round Table challenge is "Barbarian Queen".
I cheated a bit on this one because I started with a drawing I'd already done a lot of work on.

This was the original sketch I did in life drawing class.  She was just sitting in a plain wooden chair and there was no cat, but she was wearing an antique headdress from Afghanistan.

 I worked on it a little more at home, but I was bored with the leopard and I didn't like the straight up and down leg.

So I taped it up in my living room window, hung a clean paper over it and traced it shifting the paper where I needed  it to make the pose more dynamic.  So now her right leg angles up more and her left leg is at a nicer angle.
Also I changed the cat to a big lizard thing.  I just wanted something more deeply in the realm of fantasy.
 So that brings us to this week.  Here I am Thursday night at the Scottsdale Art Walk in front of Method Art Gallery where I have a couple paintings on show.
I scrub charcoal on the back of the paper, lay it onto a Masonite board and go back over the drawing with a ballpoint pen the re-work the whole drawing in charcoal.  

I added a big vase to one side.  A friend suggested palm fronds.  I was doubtful, but I tried it and I like it.

After spraying it with workable fixative the next day I go over the whole thing with a wash of pthalo blue.

Mixing, Pthalo blue, burnt umber and viridian green makes a dark but slightly warmer shade for the deeper darks.

This milky white stuff is acrylic varnish, as a matter of fact I think it's grout sealer.  How archival is grout sealer as a painting medium?  Ask me in 50 years.  Better yet buy this painting and Tell me about it in 50 years.
Here's the deal; I have some supplies, such as wood and house paint, but I have no money at all, I mean None at all.  So I have two choices; I could sit around doing nothing while making excuses and complaining about my situation or I could just use what I have and paint.  I choose to paint.   What would you do?

Then some white (house paint) to pull out the highlights.
And that's all I got done this week.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Neds Gone Wild!

So I told you that to tell you this.   Sometimes nudity is a tricky issue especially on Facebook.  Sometimes the distinction between ART and porn is blurry and some people seem to feel that my work often lands in that blurry area.  So sometimes I won't display Ned's finer features on Facebook.  

I like posting step by steps because people often ask me how ideas evolve and I don't really know how to describe it, but I can show it.


I have an ongoing series of life drawings converted to fantasy art called "Fantasy Life".   I've been posting sketches regularly on my Facebook wall.  (I'm Gilead Artist on Facebook)
Most of those drawings are of women because most of our models have been women, but occasionally I post a drawing of a guy who has come to be named Ned the Barbarian.  Most of these poses are from behind so women have posted happily about Ned's buns.  This happened on a Monday which is now officially Bunday and I have endeavored to maintain the tradition of posting Ned's buns every Monday since it's pretty much all girls the rest of the time.  (We're just keeping each other amused, don't worry about it.)

So the following are some of the best of Ned.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Here's my entry in an event in a Facebook group called the Frank Frazetta Round Table.
The challenge was to do your interpretation of Frazetta's character "Snowman"  Seriously, Snowman?  Probably the only thing Frazetta ever did that doesn't interest me.  On the other hand I've painted lots of snowmen in my sign painting days so why not?

   I start with a simple sketch in my mini book.  I don't have much time to give this so I need to keep it simple.

Then I copy the sketch onto an 18 X 24" cardboard that was the back cover from one of my newsprint pads. 

 Then I ink it with a large Pitt pen.

I have some blue / white house paint left over from my last Christmas window painting.  I just use it for the shaded parts.

 Then I mix a little bit of yellow and white to do the sunlit parts.

 The ax handle and pipe I mix from burnt umber, raw sienna and yellow oxide.  Pthalo blue on the hat.

 Mix some of the blue with the leftover browns, but don't blend it, just kind of chop it together and use that to scuff in the darer parts of the ax head.

 A red stripe around the border and pinstripes on the hat.
Then I "cut-out" the image by painting the background.   Mix up an off-white using all my leftover globs of paint and some new white house paint.
And he's done.
I hope you enjoy.